Edwin Aalders has over 25 years of experience as an assessor and standard developer in environmental policy, auditing and management particularly related to climate change and forestry throughout the world. Mr Aalders has extensive experience with developing climate change strategies and international climate change negotiations, which saw him being involved in the development of programmes such as the ERUPT, EU ETS, CDM/JI, VCS, ANSI ISO 14065 programme and the more recently NAMAs, REDD+, Green Bonds and the CTCN. Mr Aalders has held senior management positions in SGS Climate Change Programme, IETA & the VCS and acted as an elected member of roster of experts for the Methodology & Accreditation Panel Expert of the CDM & JI, member of the JI Accreditation Panel, Pacific Carbon Trust Advisory Panel, ANSI ISO 14065 accreditation steering committee and Verra SD Vista Standard development Committee. Mr Aalders is currently the manager for DNV GL’s group research Climate Change Unit and member of the VCS Programme Advisory Group, AFOLU Steering Committee, W+ Programme Advisory Board, World Bank MAAP review team and the ART/TREES Verification Committee.

Juan Chang is Principal Forest and Land Use at the Green Climate Fund (GCF) since 2015. He previously served for four years as senior specialist in forests and climate change for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in charge of promoting and coordinating climate change investments in forestry and land use sector in Latin America. Prior to joining IDB, he worked as forestry and climate change auditor with the company TÜV-SÜD since 2007 where he audited climate change forestry projects for the CDM and voluntary carbon markets in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Before becoming a forestry and climate change auditor, he worked in development and implementation of biodiversity conservation projects and management of protected areas in Peru accumulating more than 18 years of work experience.

Lawson Henderson has over a decade of experience in forest certification acting as a project manager and lead auditor of forest carbon offset projects against the major voluntary GHG programs, and FSC Forest Management & Chain of Custody Certifications. He also has extensive experience managing ANSI ISO 14065 accreditation systems for Validation and Verification Bodies (VVBs). Lawson is qualified as a Lead Verifier with the state of California Air Resources Board (ARB) for the US Forest and Urban Forest Offset Protocols, as well as Lead Verifier under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR). He is also qualified as an AFOLU IFM Expert under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) program of Verra and is a participating member of the Land Use and Forestry Technical Advisory Committee (LUF TAC) of the Gold Standard Foundation (GSF). He has led the validation and verification of IFM, AR & REDD forest carbon offset projects against the major voluntary GHG programs globally, including projects in over a dozen U.S. States, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Australia and South East Asia.  Lawson holds a B.S.F in forest management from the University of New Hampshire (2005).

Shawn McMahon is a Senior Manager and Lead Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Validator/Verifier for the Forestry, Carbon, and GHG Services Division of ESI, with over 19 years of experience in forestry, ecology, natural resource management, arboricultural, and GHG reduction/removal projects  He is a Certified Forester under the Society of American Foresters, and a Verified Carbon Standard AFOLU-Wetland Restoration and Conservation expert. Shawn is approved to conduct GHG validations and/or verification for the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), California Air Resources Board (ARB), Climate Action Reserve (CAR), American Carbon Registry (ACR), CarbonFix Standard (CFS), Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT), and Climate Community, and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) and has conducted GHG validations/ verifications of numerous carbon sequestration projects around the world.

Marco van der Linden is an independent consultant with more than 15 years of international experience working on climate finance, forest carbon, REDD+ and climate change mitigation. Marco has previously worked at the World Bank, SNV, the UNFCCC Secretariat and SGS.