All country REDD+ programs, verification bodies, and credit buyer entities must have an ART Registry account. The process for opening an ART Registry account is initiated online and typically takes one to two weeks for approval once all required documentation is received. Each approved account will receive an Account Manager login.

The steps involved in the Account Opening process are detailed below.


For governments, determine the government entity that has the appropriate authority to enter into a legal agreement with ART as the ART Registry account holder. For both governments and non-government entities, determine the individual who has the appropriate authority to legally bind the account holder organization and serve as ART account manager.

To begin the ART Account Opening process, click here.

Select the appropriate Account Type and click the “Continue Registration” button. Note: this will open a new browser window.

  • Sovereign Program Developer: Authorized government entities that plan to submit REDD+ programs for ART registration
  • Transaction Account: Entities that plan to purchase, hold, transfer and/or retire ART credits.
  • Verifier: Approved ART validation and verification bodies

The designated Account Manager must electronically execute the online ART Terms of Use Agreement.

  • Upon executing the ART Terms of Use, the account manager will be presented with an online New Account Application Form
  • Complete all required fields, which are noted by an asterisk (*)
  • When complete, click “Submit”

  • Upon submitting the New Account Application form, the Account Manager will receive an Account Activation email
  • The Account Manager must activate the account to notify the ART Administrator of the account application
  • The Account Manager will receive a list of required documents to be submitted for review.
  • Email the ACR Administrator ( copies of requested documents

  • The ART Administrator will review the account application
  • If the account application is complete and approved, an Account Approval email will be sent to the designated Account Manager at the email address provided in the New Account Application form
  • If materials are incomplete or additional information is required, the ART Administrator will notify the Account Manager

Approved and preliminarily approved accounts may begin using the ART Registry.