Jessica Orrego

As ART Managing Director, Jessica Orrego supports the development of TREES and is responsible for overseeing the ART program cycle including the registration of REDD+ programs, as well as verification and issuance of ERs.  Jessica has over 15 years of forest carbon-related work experience in the areas of offset project development and climate change advisory services. As Forestry Director of Winrock’s American Carbon Registry (ACR), Jessica is responsible for oversight of ACR’s forestry program in both the California compliance and voluntary markets and has overseen the issuance of over 95 million tons of forestry emissions reductions. She is accredited by the California Air Resources board in Offset Project Registry Operations, verification and in the forestry protocol. Prior to joining ACR, Jessica served as the VP of Environmental Markets for Equator where she was responsible for the development and implementation of California compliance and voluntary market forest carbon projects in their investment portfolio. Jessica previously served as the Head of US Project Implementation at EcoSecurities in New York, where she managed a team that successfully registered over 40 projects under the Clean Development Mechanism. She also worked at Energy for Sustainable Development (part of Camco group) where she focused on community-based forest carbon projects in Africa and Latin America. Jessica has served on various Boards and Technical Committees, including for the Plan Vivo Foundation, and for Verra (formerly VCS). Jessica has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Forestry from the University of Vermont and speaks fluent Spanish.