John Kadyszewski

As ART Strategic Advisor, John Kadyszewski is responsible for overall strategic direction of the ART Secretariat, engagement with the ART Board, and alignment and communications with Winrock senior management. In his 29 years at Winrock, John has overseen the incubation and operationalization of a range of enterprises including Winrock’s internal innovation fund, the Environmental Enterprise Assistance Fund, the global Renewable Energy Project Support Office (REPSO) network, the Ecosystem Services unit and the American Carbon Registry (ACR). In his current cross-cutting and strategic role, John works across the institution to identify opportunities to implement bold initiatives that integrate Winrock’s unique experience and strengths to achieve its mission. As Director of ACR, Kadyszewski ensures that strong science and transparent systems in support of well-designed markets can achieve environmental objectives in the most cost-effective way. Prior to ACR, Kadyszewski led development of the Ecosystem Services team at Winrock with a focus on advanced monitoring tools to help decision makers facing complex social and environmental choices. In this position, he oversaw Winrock’s development and field testing of measuring and monitoring methods and procedures for international forestry projects including establishment of baselines and ways to address additionality, permanence and leakage. He presented the findings from this work over the years at annual UNFCCC meetings and actively participated in the debate about inclusion of forestry projects under the Clean Development Mechanism.