Forests are critical in the fight to minimize and reverse the worst effects of global warming.  

Dramatically reduced tropical deforestation and major forest restoration could contribute up to one-third of the climate results the world needs in the next two decades.

Tapping the potential of forests to meet the Paris Agreement Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals requires not just ambitious targets but also sound policy.

This is why we created the Architecture for REDD+ Transactions, ART.

ART is a voluntary international initiative that seeks to reward countries for reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, a process known as REDD+.

By enhancing transparency and credibility, ART aims to help unlock new, large-scale financing to facilitate sustainable land use and, in turn, protect forests.

ART will provide a rigorous standard and comprehensive process to transparently register, verify and issue REDD+ emission reductions credits that embody the highest environmental and social integrity.

ART aims to serve as a global quality benchmark for forest emission reductions that can enter fungible carbon offset markets and provide buyers of REDD+ emission reductions credits with credible results.

11.3 Billion Metric Tons The potential annual GHG emissions reductions from forest protection and restoration, equivalent to halting global oil production.