Development of TREES v1.0

Development of
TREES v1.0

In February 2020, ART published the ART Board-approved TREES Version 1.0.  TREES, 1.0 and its supporting materials are presented for transparency below.

TREES v2.0 was approved in August 2021.  Participants should use the most recent version of the Standard and templates.


The REDD+ Environmental Excellence Standard (TREES)

The REDD+ Environmental Excellence Standard (TREES) v1.0
TREES Executive Summary (EnglishFrench)

TREES ICAO Eligibility Guidance

The ART Secretariat hosted a series of webinars in February 2020 to provide an overview of ART and TREES.  Copies of the presentation and links to recordings of the webinars are provided below.
English, PresentationWebinar recording
Spanish, PresentationWebinar recording
Portuguese, Presentation
Bahasa, Presentation


TREES Documents

TREES Concept Form v1.0 (EnglishFrench)
TREES Registration Document Template v1.0 (EnglishFrench)
TREES Monitoring Report Template v1.0 (EnglishFrench) (includes safeguards monitoring report template)
TREES Variance Request Form v1.0


Process Documentation

TREES was open for public stakeholder consultation from July 29, 2019 to September 27, 2019. The Secretariat received 46 formal submissions, as well as additional comments via webinar and email, totalling 778 individual comments. All formal submissions are available for review here. All individual comments are addressed in the TREES Comment Log. The Board considered all comments and made decisions on changes to TREES as detailed in the Statement of Reasons.