The purpose of the Architecture for REDD+ Transactions (“ART”) is to promote the environmental and social integrity and ambition of carbon emission reductions from the forest and land use sector and to recognize forest countries that deliver high quality REDD+ emission reductions. The ART has adopted a suite of Immutable Principles to govern its operation.

The establishment and governance of ART in 2018 was guided by an Interim Steering Committee (ISC), working with a Secretariat. A number of Technical Committees provided input to the development of the TREES Standard.

The ART Board of Directors officially convened in 2019. Board members serve in their personal capacities, not as representatives of their organizations or of particular stakeholder groups.

Lorenzo Bernasconi (Rockefeller Foundation)

Andreas Dahl-Jorgensen (Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative)

Nat Keohane (Environmental Defense Fund)

Dan Zarin (Climate and Land Use Alliance)

ART is governed by an independent Board of Directors, the members of which represent a diverse group of objective, globally recognized experts, who will be responsible for strategic guidance and for ensuring the program’s environmental and social integrity. The Board oversees ART’s implementation in accordance with the evolving UNFCCC processes and will guarantee good governance, transparent rules, and processes that assure quality and adequate safeguards. ART Board members have all agreed to the ART Ethical Standard. ART Board Meeting Minutes are available to the public.

Frances Seymour

Abdon Nababan

Dr. Carlos Nobre

Dr. Dan Zarin

Dr. Agnes Kalibata

William Bumpers

The ART Secretariat, hosted by Winrock International, is responsible for the operation of the ART program, including the development of The REDD+ Environmental Excellence Standard (TREES) and overseeing the registration, verification and issuance of Board-approved TREES emissions reductions on a transparent registry.

John Kadyszewski

Mary Grady

Jessica Orrego

Christina Magerkurth, P.E.

Lauren Nichols

Felipe Casarim

Dr. Timothy Pearson

The ART Secretariat was advised by three expert technical committees for the development of TREES. Committee members served in their individual capacities.

The TREES Standard Committee See Team

The TREES Verification Committee See Team

The TREES Safeguards Committee See Team

The ART Secretariat received support from the following committees in evaluating potential new approaches that could be developed under ART. Committee members served in their individual capacities.


The ART Removals Committee  See Team

The ART HFLD Committee  See Team